Anne started her work at Atelier Werfklei where she still teaches pottery lessons today. This is a ceramics studio founded by Reinier Sinke.

In 2015 Werfklei moved to a slightly bigger studio in an old factory together with 60 other creatives called VechtclubXL. Next to Reinier and Anne, five other ceramists teach at the studio. Every week 80+ pottery students are currently training their skills on the potter's wheel at Werfklei.



Anne started her own ceramics makerspace and studio KAOLIN in May 2019. The new studio offers a work place for 6 experienced potters to work on their own projects. The work place is for rent per month and offers full accessibility to all potters equipment, wheels, clay, glazes and kilns.


The studio has 6 Shimpo RK-3E wheels and two kilns (a big front loader of 270 liters and a top loader of 100 liters). A pugmill is installed for recycling and mixing clay. The studio works with Scarva Glacier porcelain and G&S 254 stoneware. Next to the clay the studio is provided with a broad range of cone 6-10 glazes designed by Anne. Usually the glaze firing is up to 1240 Celsius.

About Anne

Anne Boeschoten (1985) started as a student in Reiniers pottery classes. After one year of training, she started working on Tuesdays as an apprentice. Soon she got more experienced in working with stoneware and porcelain on the wheel and started to teach weekly courses. She also teaches workshops on local materials, ash glazes and introduction to the potter's wheel. See Werfklei's page to learn more about the courses and workshops.

Her work is for sale at Koffieleute in Utrecht city centre.

Next to her work as a potter, she is a graduate student of English at University of Utrecht and works as an artist and actor.